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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honor, recognize, & celebrate the men and women of the sea services.

Contact List

We Want to Hear From You

The following is a list of routinely requested extensions at the Navy Memorial and Heritage Center for Department or offices.

Executive Vice President
Cindy McCalip
Phone: 202-380-0714

Director of Operations (Deputy)
Shawn Newcoste 
Phone: 202-380-0715

Director of Financial Services
Scott Matirne
Phone: 202-380-0762

Director of Administration
Phone: 202-380-0724

Senior Manager of Donor Relations
Alexis "Radar" Baker
Phone: 202-380-0760

Corporate Relations
Cindy McCalip
Phone: 202-380-0714

Commemorative Plaques
Lesley Rubinger
Phone: 202-380-0718

Cindy McCalip
Phone: 202-380-0714

Director of Sales
Terese Winegan
Phone: 202-380-0747

Assistant Director of Sales/Military Liaison
Trish Morgan
Phone: 202-380-0755

Event Coordinator/Military Liason
Ola Thomas
Phone: 202-380-0721

Operations/Facility Manager
Morgan Holmes
Phone: 202-380-0746

Direct Mailing
Lesley Rubinger
Phone: 202-380-0718

Lesley Rubinger
Phone: 202-380-0718

Navy Log Department
Nan McComber
Phone: 202-380-0730

Ship's Store and Flag Coordinator
Colin Masso
Phone: 202-380-0780

Online and Mail-In Ship's Store Orders
Clay Carroll
Phone: 202-380-0726