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Navy EOD

The World's Most Capable Bomb Squad -
Air, Land, and Sea

U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is the world’s premier combat force for countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and all other Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). An elite team of warriors, 1,500 Navy EOD Technicians operate in every environment around the world. They are qualified to parachute from 30,000 feet and dive to depths of 300 feet. Volunteering for the most hazardous missions, Navy EOD is the “first in” —clearing the way for further combat operations, fearlessly attacking all explosive obstructions.

Today's Navy EOD force, part of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), is organized into two groups based in San Diego, CA, and Norfolk, VA. Each group is comprised of readily deployable EOD Mobile Units, located around the United States and overseas in Italy, Guam and Bahrain. Other EOD units include Mobile Diving and Salvage Units, Training and Evaluation Units, Deployable Mine Countermeasures Platoons and Naval Special Warfare Companies. In addition, Marine Mammal System Companies use specially trained dolphins and sea lions to hunt for underwater threats.

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are the enemy's weapon of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq, accounting for the largest portion of U.S. fatalities. Navy EOD safeguards U.S. and coalition lives on the battlefield, protects ritical infrastructure and is a key player in attacking the IED network. EOD Techs operate with U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Army units, as well as with Special Operations Forces. Navy EOD also trains coalition bomb disposal personnel.

In the war against IEDs, Navy EOD stands prepared for changing enemy tactics targeted on both coalition forces and civilian populations. Forensic techniques are used to reconstruct bombs and, in some cases, provide evidence that can be used to identify enemy bomb makers.

The Navy EOD exhibit includes an authentic bomb disposal suit and robot on display and details the history, methods and personell that make up the world's most capable and far reaching explosive-handling experts.

About the Sponsor

Glenn Robert JonesGlenn Robert Jones, Lt. U.S. Navy
Lt. U.S. Navy
June 1952 - August 1957


1952 – Boot Camp, San Diego
American Spirit Honor Medal Award

1953 – OCS, Newport, Rhode Island

1953 – Amphibious Assault School, Coronado Island, CA

1953 – USS Lenawee APA 195 – Deck officer and wave boat officer

1954 – EOD School and Special Weapons School, Indian Head, MD

1954 – Sasebo, Japan as EOD Officer

1955 – Officer in Charge of Underwater Section at EOD School, Indian Head, MD and Officer in charge of YSD 72 rigged for deep sea diving

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