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The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honor, recognize, & celebrate the men and women of the sea services.


The Lone Sailor statue is the iconic symbol representing the U.S. Navy Memorial’s mission to honor, recognize and celebrate the men and women of the sea services. 

The founders of the Navy Memorial envisioned this Lone Sailor as 25 years old at most, a senior second class petty officer who is fast becoming a seagoing veteran. He has done it all – fired his weapons in a dozen wars, weighed anchor from a thousand ports, tracked supplies, doused fires, repelled boarders, typed in quadruplicate and mess-cooked, too.  He has made liberty call in great cities and tiny villages, where he played tourist, ambassador, missionary to the poor, adventurer, souvenir shopper and friend to new lands.  His shipmates remember him with pride and tell their grandchildren stories, some of which, like him, are about seven feet tall. 

By placing Lone Sailor statues around the world, we honor, recognize and celebrate these men and women wherever they serve.  There are fourteen Lone Sailor Statues around the world in addition to the original statue at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, DC.

The Lone Sailor statue at the Government House, the official residence of the Governor of Guam, will serve to honor, recognize, and celebrate the dedication of so many men and women.

Standing alongside other “Lone Sailor” statues around the globe, these meaningful works of art provide a reminder to active duty, veterans, and civilians that they serve a grateful nation.

We need your help to make this a reality. Your tax-deductible contribution to the U.S. Navy Memorial Lone Sailor statue program will allow this statue to honor, recognize and celebrate men and women of the sea services for generations to come.

For more information regarding the US Navy Memorial’s Lone Sailor Statue Program and to support this project in Guam, please call Alexis Baker (202) 380-0760, or via email ABaker@NavyMemorial.org