The United States Navy Memorial

Navy Memorial Honor, recognize, & celebrate the men and women of the sea services.

Press Releases

Title PDF Date
Navy Memorial Welcomes New COO Aboard PDF of Press Release 02/16/2018
Tribute to Four Chaplains for 75th Anniversary of USAT Dorchester Sinking PDF of Press Release 01/17/2018
Capital Bank Signs on as Corporate Partner PDF of Press Release 01/11/2018
Last Surviving Witness of Japanese Surrender in WWII Speaks for Pearl Harbor PDF of Press Release 12/06/2017
Fantail Breakfast will Highlight Shipbuilding PDF of Press Release 11/02/2017
Bob Feller Act of Valor Award 5th Annual Award Ceremony November 16 PDF of Press Release 11/01/2017
Two DC Events Hosted to Honor Veterans Day PDF of Press Release 10/26/2017
Lone Sailor Award Honorees 08/05/2015
Navy Memorial Debuts First Silent Auction at 2012 Lone Sailor Awards 09/26/2013
Author on Deck: William F. Altoff - Arctic Mission 90: North By Airship and Submarine 09/26/2013
Special Author on Deck: Larry Berman - In Honor of U.S. Navy Memorial's 25th Anniversary 09/26/2013
Patriot Day Schedule of Events 09/12/2013
Authors On Deck: RADM Terry McKnight 09/12/2013
Commander Everett Alvarez to Receive Coveted Lone Sailor Award 09/02/2013
Political Satirist Mark Russell to be Recognized for Service to Country 09/02/2013
Ted Turner, Dan Akerson, General P.X. Kelly to Receive Coveted Lone Sailor Award 08/05/2013
Marketing Pioneer J. David Power III to Receive Coveted Lone Sailor Award 09/05/2012
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist John Paul DeJoria to Receive Coveted Lone Sailor Award 09/05/2012
U.S. Navy Memorial Celebrates the U.S. Coast Guard's 222nd Birthday 07/23/2012
Authors on Deck: Stabley Weintraub 07/11/2012